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Overview of the SITAEL’s development of the 20kW-class HT20k Thruster unit

ESA’s overview of various in-orbit servicing mission scenarios []


  • Develop, in the mid-term, the European capacity to compete in the worldwide arena of electric propulsion satellites and missions and be in time to market
  • To substantially increase medium- and long-term competitiveness of existing Electric Propulsion System technologies with a technology and application-driven approach
  • To pursue developments which shall be mainly market-oriented, beneficial at system level and with a strategic view to long term needs; also, to anticipate ambitious long-term market evolution and strategic opportunities, so that the developed Electric Propulsion Systems could create new markets and shape existing ones
  • To enable medium- and longer-term applications: Space Transportation and Exploration/Science. The ASPIRE aims to ensure that Europe will have the propulsion capacity and technology base to lead its own missions of these types to Moon in the near-term, and to Mars and beyond in the longer-term.
  • To develop the Incremental Technology Electric Propulsion System up to system demonstration in a space environment and ready for its qualification