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ASPIRE Project Announcement: Celebrating Partner Achievements in High-Power Electric Propulsion

We are excited to announce a new campaign on ASPIRE Project’s social media channels, aimed at showcasing the significant contributions and achievements of our esteemed partners. ASPIRE, the leading initiative in developing a High-Power Electric Propulsion system, has made remarkable progress thanks to the collaborative efforts of our partners.

Throughout this campaign, we will be highlighting each partner within the project and shedding light on their unique contributions to the mission. We invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements of these organizations and individuals who have played a crucial role in the advancement of electric propulsion technology.

Partner Achievements:

  1. SITAEL: We are proud to share that SITAEL has achieved a significant milestone in the development of Full Electric Propulsion System Coupling. Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of propulsion technology. We eagerly anticipate their upcoming test, scheduled for October/November 2023.
  2. Thales Alenia Space: Thales Alenia Space has been a key partner in the ASPIRE Project, providing invaluable expertise in space telecommunications, navigation, earth observation and more. Their contribution to the project has been vital in driving the development of high-power electric propulsion systems.
  3. AST Advanced Space Technologies GmbH: AST Advanced Space Technologies GmbH has brought their expertise in advanced space technologies to the ASPIRE Project, contributing to the research and development of cutting-edge propulsion systems. Their commitment to innovation has been commendable.
  4. Microtest SpA: Microtest SpA has played a significant role in the ASPIRE Project by providing expertise in electric propulsion and space propulsion test facilities, AST is a specialist on fluid control components for space propulsion. The compact pressure regulators and flow controllers allow use in a wide range of applications – from high accuracy to high flow.
  5. Imperial College London: Imperial College London, a renowned institution in scientific research,their Plasma Propulsion Lab ( brings extensive experience in kinetic modelling of technological plasmas and the development of novel electric propulsion devices. ASPIRE’s objective of creating a high-power electric propulsion system aligns with their research focus. 
  6. Charles III University of Madrid: The Charles III University of Madrid has been a key partner in the ASPIRE Project, bringing their research capabilities in electric propulsion systems. Their scientific contributions have been pivotal in driving the project forward.
  7. Università di Pisa: The Università di Pisa has played a crucial role in the ASPIRE Project, at the Physics Department , the Laser Induced Fluorescence spectroscopy setup is getting ready to be transfered to Sitael premise  for the beginning of the measurement campain.
  8. SME4SPACE: SME4SPACE, representing small and medium-sized enterprises in the space sector, has been an important partner in the ASPIRE Project. Their involvement has fostered collaboration and innovation among diverse stakeholders, driving progress in electric propulsion community.

We extend our appreciation to all our partners for their unwavering commitment and extraordinary contributions to the ASPIRE Project. For more updates and achievements, please visit and follow our social media channels. We will continue to share exciting news and milestones throughout the campaign.

Together, we are shaping the future of electric propulsion and advancing the boundaries of space exploration. Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of the ASPIRE Project partners!

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